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~ Copper Sinks

Installation & Care

  • Mask the area where the sink cut-out will be using blue painter's tape to protect the surface from the jig saw.
  • Place the sink upside down allowing for clearance underneath the counter. (Approximately 3" from the front edge to the rim of the sink) Centering the sink on doors below. Check for faucet clearance. Using a pencil, lightly trace the sink and remove it.
  • Now, trace a heavier line 1" inside the original mark. Drill a starter hole and carefully cut out the heavier line.
  • Remove tape. Set the sink into hole and mark for the faucet. Remove sink. Drill holes and install the faucet. Copper sinks require a special drain. Discard the drain w/overflow enclosed with the faucet. Installing a No Overflow Drain into the sink.
  • Place a heavy bead of bronze or clear silicone to the underside of the sink and set in place. Install piping to drain. Seal edge of sink with bronze or clear silicone.
  • After installing the copper sink, basic cleaning is done by using mild soap and water. There is no need to use copper cleaners or abrasives. Make sure to keep the basin clean and dry after each use. Over time, the finish will develop with age giving the hammered copper sink its unique look.
  • We recommend regular use of our Copper Sink Cleaner & Wax.