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How to make Sink Cut Outs


   We suggest you purchase a vanity package. We do all the cutting and drilling and those edges will be sealed with the finish applied. We also recommend you purchase a sink install kit that has a bronze silicon for sealing the sink and faucet to the vanity.

Instructions for cutting Vanity Tops

To cut Faucet holes through our vanity tops:

Tools Required: Spade bit size required per Faucet instructions.

  • Locate where the faucet is to be installed.
  • Center the drill bit and slowly drill the holes.
To cut Sink holes through our vanity tops:
Tools Required:
  • Jig Saw w/ Fine Tooth Blade
  • Blue Painters Masking Tape
  • Sink Template
  • Pencil or Marker
Once determined where to cut per your specific needs
  • Apply tape in area that the jigsaw will come into contact with the surface. This will prevent scratching the finish or liquid glass surface. (We recommend 2" wide 3M Blue masking tape)
  • Draw cut line on tape
  • Drill Start hole inside the line
  • Use fine tooth cutting blade in jig saw to cut out marked area.
  • Remove tape carefully