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~ Liquid Glass Care

Peeled Cedar Log Dining Table




Liquid Glass Finish Care 

Liquid Glass is a two part epoxy resin specially formulated for bar and table tops that forms a beautiful, tough, hard, durable finish that's water, alcohol and scratch resistant. One coat is equal to 30-50 coats of regular laquer! Objects left on the surface for a period of time, may leave impressions. The Liquid Glass is made tough yet flexible. It is not brittle or prone to shattering from impact. Impressions usually disappear in a few hours at normal room temperatures. The warmer the environment, the more quickly impressions appear, then after items are removed will disappear. This characteristic, coupled with outstanding moisture resistance, makes Liquid Glass an ideal coating for bathroom vanities, bartops, coffee tables, desks, and dining tables. Pledge Furniture polish will prolong the life of the surface and clean smudges. Light surface scratches will appear with use overtime. Treat the surface with the same level of care that you would with any fine wood furniture. Liquid Glass may be reapplied to make the surface look brand new.