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We hate solicitor calls, junk mail, and spam e-mail. We like having conversations and doing business with real people – like you. In an effort to protect your privacy, we ensure that the information you provide us with is never sold, bartered, traded or shared with anyone. It’s safe here with us, at
Our goal is to help you understand the numerous steps we take to safeguard your security. We also want to help you protect yourself. The tips and information which follow were designed to increase your confidence in the log furniture store practices and help you enjoy your online shopping experience even more.
How We Use Information You Give Us:
√  To process your orders and inquiries
√  To track the status/delivery of your order(s)
√  To respond to communication you initiate with us
√  To answer questions you have about past purchases
√  To provide you with the best customer service possible
We won’t share your name, billing address, e-mail address, phone number or shoe size with any other organization – for any reason. In fact, we go to great lengths to make your shopping experience with us as secure as possible. We treat you the way we want to be treated. After all, that’s just good manners!
We will never sell, barter, trade, share (or give away) any identifying information about you or your order history with anyone outside of Yes, at times we need to share your information with our subsidiaries, freight carriers and payment brokers – to process your order(s).
If you choose to opt-in to our mailings, you can receive promotional announcements, contest alerts, product updates and other information we think you’ll find interesting. And not “spam” interesting, either, but legitimately interesting. Feel free to opt-out at any time by contacting Customer Service.
One of our highest priorities is to provide you with a safe, secure and enjoyable online experience. We dedicate a great deal of time and effort to ensuring that your personal information and right to privacy are both protected. One way we protect and preserve your privacy is by utilizing Extended Verification SSL technology.
Secure Sockets Layer technology is a web-security protocol which helps safely transfer information from your computer to our servers by encrypting it with a 128-digit key code. SSL certificate can only be used by To check the validity of our certificate, simply click on our site’s SSL icon.
Our EV SSL certificate protects your safety while you shop at But, there’s more to internet safety than that. Using an SSL-capable (or security-enabled) browser is a great way to protect your safety even further. Examples include Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape v2.0, Safari or Internet Explorer.
When using security-enabled browsers, pay attention to their built-in safety features. Most of today’s popular SSL-capable web browsers display symbols, send you alerts or display pop-up notifications anytime the follow activity occurs or is likely to occur:
Your browser is toggling between secure and non-secure modes – If you’re just surfing the web, secure mode can be turned “off”, but when you’re entering personal information like credit card numbers the secure mode should be turned “on”
Your browser detected invalid site identification or SSL certificate credentials – Do not proceed with an order if you do not have a secure connection; verify that the “check out” area of the website URL begins with https:// (s = “secure”) and look for a padlock or other symbol which indicates that your transmission and connection are both secure
Additionally, unlike the information you share with online, e-mails are NOT automatically encrypted and are NOT considered a secure means of transferring delicate information such as credit card numbers. Refrain from sending this type of information, by e-mail, to anyone at any time.
Do you still have questions about safety and security? Are you hesitant to place an order online? If you prefer to place your order by phone, call us! Any team member will be happy to assist you between 9am and 3:00pm (CDT) M-F excluding holidays.
Cookies are delicious when they’re hot and fresh right out of the oven – especially if they’re crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside! But, that’s not the kind of cookie we’re talking about here. When you visit our website an internet cookie, web cookie or browser cookie is created by your web browser.
That cookie is then used to store your shopping cart contents and other information you’ve shared with us during your browsing session. It cannot be read by other websites and is specific to your experience with us. Internet cookies also have an expiration date and are deleted automatically once they expire.