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Aromatic Red Cedar Beds

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Our Red Cedar Log Beds (Juniper) are simple in style, rugged in strength and durability. Juniperus Virgiania, also known as Eastern Red Cedar or Aromatic Red Cedar was prized by the colonists for building furniture, rail fences, and log cabins. Cedar oil for medicine and perfumes is obtained from the wood and leaves. The heartwood was once almost exclusively the source of wood for pencils. You find eastern red cedar in closets and dresser drawers, cabinet work and carvings. Handcrafted in Minnesota from natural Eastern Red Cedar featuring classic log cabin styling. All of the logs have been dried naturally and may have worm tracking or beetle excavations adding to the rustic beauty of the wood.

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Deluxe Knotty Red Cedar Bed

$650.00  $549.99 

Red Cedar Log Bed


The Juniper Log Bed


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